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MTUWASA has six (6) water production station of which the main water sources is from the boreholes. These production stations are Mtawanya, Mchuchu, Mbuo, Rwelu, Mabawala chini and Mnyawi well field.

Mtawanya is a main water source for Mtwara municipality with a capacity of 640 cubic meter per hour. The raw water from Mtawanya water source is pumped to Mangamba treatment plant and after passes all the treatment process the water is stored at balancing tank ready for distribution. The treatment plant comprises of Aeration, Coagulation, Flocculation and sedimentation with the maximum utilization capacity of 9,500 cubic meter per day. From the balancing tank the water is gravitating through 400 mm pipe and distributed to its distribution lines in Mtwara municipality and the elevated areas is supplied water through pumping from Mangamba station.

Mchuchu water source produce a capacity of 69 cubic meter per hour which serves the Mikindani areas and other Mtwara Districts. These Districts receive water through pumping from Mchuchu tank.

Rwelu water source produce 81 cubic meter per hour and stored at a balancing tank. Water from balancing tank is pumped to other tanks located at Mji Mwema and from the tanks water is gravitated to distribution lines.

Mbuo and Mbwala chini water sources together produces 120 cubic meter per hour, these stations have a balancing tank which store water from the boreholes and pumped to the distribution tanks located at elevated area.

Mnyawi and Bwani water station produce 58 cubic meter per hour which serves the Nanyamba town, Water from the water sources is pumped to its distribution tanks.

The main processes attributing water supply in Mtwara municipality are including: water extraction, water treatment and water distribution The total water production is average of 15,000 cubic meters per day. Water production process involves use of chemicals like Aluminium sulphate as coagulant and coagulant aid, lime for pH adjustment and Calcium hypochlorite as disinfectant.

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